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Free Pipes?

Free Pipes? Let me tell you more, I was chillin with a stoner friend and she told me all about Free Pipe Fridays!!  What is that you ask?  Well, there is a website that gives out pipes every Friday, all you pay is shipping!!  How awesome is that?  So head on over to and join the VIP club, I've already gotten one pipe, and have won 2 others, I didn't claim those ones, I have plenty :) update: I have gotten selected almost every week since I've signed up!!

And they have a bunch of different things you can add on to your free pipe, I personally am a big fan of the bracelet pipe!

I do have some affiliate links, helps keeps the site running.
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Wake and Bake

Who is with me and has that morning bowl, and I'm not talking about a bowl of Wheaties.  I usually start my day with a good bowl of herb, thats the best way to start my day, I am so much calmer after a bowl of Gold leaf.  
Here's my thoughts... I want to expand my youtube channel Click here, and thought about starting a weekly show called The Wake N Bake, I want to talk about weed, gadgets, and just random things about the world of marijuana so if you think this is something you want to sit down and watch, drop a comment and let me know, and as always share my posts with your friends!!!

Stoner boxes

Smoking supplies brought to your door!!
Something neat I found is Stoner boxes, there are all sorts to fit your needs and budget!!  One of the first ones I found was  that one I think is my favorite, they have boxes of all prices starting at dollar (not kidding!) and going up to $30.   click me to go to the link and if you sign up with your email address you can get 10% off your first order!!

Another one I tried is the Puff Pack, what I like about it is that its customizable, go, click on this link and check out their options for puff packs!!  I don't like going to to buy smoking supplies in public,
 these sites give you options for awesome supplies that you will love!  Also if you type in 15OFF 
in the coupon code box, you will save 15% off!!

aquaponoic growing

Click Here!

Aquaponics is the art of combining aquaculture (growing fish in tanks) with hydroponics (growing plants in water). It's sort of like organic hydroponics! 

In an aquaponic growing system, fish are raised in a tank and the nutrients they produce (contained in their poop and produced by their gills) gets converted by bacteria into nutrients for the plants. The plant roots help clean the water before it is re-circulated back to the fish tank, completing the cycle. Aquaponics creates a tiny ecosystem - fish make nutrients for cannabis while cannabis cleans the water for the fish! Although fish are the most common species used for aquaponics, other aquatic creatures like shrimp, crayfish or prawns can also be used. Both edible fish and ornamental fish can be used successfully in an aquaponic system. Generally you want to pick a species that is hardy and can tolerate crowding. Tilapia is an edible fish that adapt very well to aquaponics, and koi or goldfish are great choices f…

$10 dollar amazon giftcard giveaway!

Listen up readers, I was feeling generous and wanted to share with you a $10 dollar amazon gift card!!! All you have to do is click the button below and follow the instructions and you will be entered!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cannabutter made easy with this new tool!

Surfing the net I came across a new stoner gadget!!  The mota pot is a simple to use cannabutter pot.  You place your decarbed weed in the pot with your sticks of butter and heat it up.  You strain with cheese cloth and refrigerate.  You end up with delicious Cannabutter for your baked goodies.

Created in colorado, so it's made in the USA and you would be supporting a local business!!!   I'm adding a link directly to their store, check it out!  For under 50 dollars this I find is better then the magic butter machine.

Check out this deal on amazon, for $4 more dollars you get extras!!

Weed set up for under $500

One thing that scares people away from growing weed is the startup costs, well I'm going to go through and show you that you can too can have an affordable grow setup!!  I am a amazon fan, so I always look for my supplies on amazon first.  One of the first things you will need is a place to grow, be it a closet, spare bedroom, basement, attic, bedroom, etc.  I personally have a spare room in my workshop to grow, I used a panda plastic to line the walls and floor for optimum lighting.

So first things first you need a good place to grow, I recommend this grow tent by amazon, if I hadnt of gone with the panda plastic this is what I was going to purchase.

or you can get panda plastic like I did if you can dedicate a whole room to growing.

Next major purchase you need is lights, now I prefer to use LED grow lights, I have one 300 watt light and a 600 watt light and it handles what I grow, and my electricty bill only went up about 10 dollars more a month.  I am a fan of these grow ligh…